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Roleplay Guide

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Roleplay Guide

Post by JFK on Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:56 pm

Roleplay basics​

MG - Metagaming

-What is metagaming?

Metagaming is when you mix OOC information/words into IC chat
Metagaming is not allowed in RP server. Metagaming leads into
an advantage and may be harmful for the other part.​

#1 Example:
-"Can u sell ur biz"

#2 Example:
You hear in /b, /f, IRL or somewhere else than in the IC chat that someone did something
or needs to do something and you do something about it.
/b Go kill Steve!
*Kills Steven after hearing that*

Metagaming is not allowed, it is fineable and it doesn't give you any kind of good Reputation.​

#3 Example:
/b Come help me someone is shooting!
*Goes there and starts shooting*

Do not metagame!​


-What is Powergaming?

Powergaming is when you force actions. Forcing actions leads into NONRP activity.
When you force actions there cannot be any interaction with the involved players.
The PG situation makes the "Defeated" part mad/sad/angry etc. Do not PG!
PG is also when you don't give a valid reason when someone is trying to do
something or you have "God powers"​

#1 Example:
- /me takes out a gun and kills Steve
*Steve dies*

#2 Example:
- /me frisks Steve
- /frisk

#3 Example:
- /me attempts to cuff Steve
- /cuff Steve

#4 Example:
*Someone tried to frisk you*
/do No. I am a ghost.

-How to avoid PG?
-After you attempt to do something use /do to ask the other part what is happening.
so the other part can make the situation more realistic and make the RP more fluent.


-What is Deathmatching?

Deathmatching is when you kill someone without any reason or with a poor reason.
Killing someone is always a risk. Killing in a public? Don't.. Think what could happen
in real life. And do not kill someone just because he did a driving mistake or so.
Always think when you are going to kill someone: Why? When? Where?​


-What is Car Ramming?

Car ramming is driveing towards someone elses car/bike intentionally making his and your car damaged. This is an unrp action. In real life you don't just start driveing towards someone else. This is common mistake and it needs to be cut off. Driveing towards someone else doesn't happen in real life so it doesn't happen in RP server.​


-What is Car Parking?

Car Parking is done when you drive onto someone and stay there until he dies or loses
massive amount of his health. Car Parking is not allowed and you may face a jail time
doing this. In real life you do not just drive onto someone and stay there until he dies.​


- /ME
- A type of RP command

When do I use /me?
- /me is used when you tell others what you are doing. This is used to RP actions and normal gestures. You can use /me anywhere any time. This is a RP command.
You also use /me to inform others what you are going to do and what do you see.​

When you are using a /me start it with a lowercase letter and end it to a Dot.
How does /me look like?
When you do a /me it shows in near players chat: *Micheal McLean clears his troath.*Â ​

#1 Example:
-/me clears his troath before starting to speak.

#2 Example:
-/me kneels down infront of Jasmine and looks up to her while smiling.

#3 Example:
-/me looks around to check if there is any cops near.

#4 Example:
-/me notices Steve walking behind Bethany.

Me Command is a RP command and you NEED to use it in your RP to inform others what is happening
and where is it happening.​

- /DO
- A type of RP command

When do I use /do?
-/do is used when you are asking other players your success or failure in RP scene.
/do is also used to tell others if they couldn't see something or hear something.
/do is a basic roleplay command and you need to use this in your RP
(check PG section again if not understood WHY)
Using a /do makes interaction possible and makes the RP scene do what it is
supposed to do. This way you will avoid PowerGaming
/do is also used to inform other player why something isn't avaivable
or cannot be done.​

#1 Example:
- /do Would I be able to?

#2 Example:
- /do Anything stopping me?

#3 Example:
- /do No. I have a blindfold so I couldn't see that.

DO command is a RP command and you NEED to use it in your RP to make a scene realistic.


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