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Administration Application Format

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Administration Application Format

Post by JFK on Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:58 pm

1 - Basic Information

In Game Name:

What is your in-game level?
(minimum 3 to apply)

First Name:
Real Life

Where do you live?

Date of Birth:
Day / Month / Year

How long have you been playing IRP:
Either how many months or the date you started.

Languages Spoken:


2 - Extended Response

Picture of your in game /stats:

Previous In-game names?
Including CK

Ban History:

Who banned you. why, and for how long?.

Tell us about yourself:
Requires 250+ words.

Tell us your IRP history:
Requires 300+ words.

Why do you want to be an admin:
Requires 250+ words.

Why are you a good choice:
Requires 250+ words.

3 - Other Information

Can you communicate effectively in Teamspeak?

Have you got Skype/Facebook/Teamspeak?
If so explain which one.

4 - Explain The Terms

What does OOC stand for?

What is Power Gaming?

What is Killing on Sight?

What does RK stand for?

You have spotted a player deathmatching and have just prisoned him. Upset, the player starts reporting in a extremely aggressive and offessive language, insulting you in the process. What would you do?:

You are a level 4 Administrator. You have the ability to spawn cars, set health, set armour and give guns to anybody. One day somebody, a level 10, asks you to give them a Sniper Rifle and Armour because they were deathmatched. You ask for proof and they say they don't have any, your response is then no. After denying their request they start to spam /report calling you a douchebag, faggot, etcetera. Explain how would you respond to this?

What are you supposed to do if someone has been reported for DM and they don't have proof?


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