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Non Administrative Staff Positions

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Non Administrative Staff Positions

Post by JFK on Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:52 pm

Non-Administrative Staff Positions

Here at Insidious Roleplay we are not only run by our administrators, but we're also run by the members of our community. There are a few roles carried out by regular community members that focus on the improvement of Limitless as a whole and in helping the community grow. The point of Non Administrative staff is to help the administrators focus on the administration part of the job and to ensure that their time is committed to administrating the server.

A list of these jobs are:

Helper Team

Graphics and Video Designers

Beta Testers

Mapping Team

Players in these positions will be chosen by the people who manage them. The helper team has a helper manager, Beta testers have a head tester, and official Graphic and Video designers will have a Lead GFX Artist as well.

If you're interested in a NASP watch for applications on the forms, announcements in game, or you may even get hand picked by the person that handles hiring.

Helper Team:

The helper team is a group of members who know the ins and outs of the server. They will assist over /new for script related questions, will answer questions found in the Player Support thread which can be found HERE, and are overall good people to ask if you have any questions.

BETA Testers:

BETA Testers are people who have access to our BETA server. These people get to see updates before they're released onto the the root server and look for bugs and problems that occur. These people scour the edits made by our scripter and look for anything from major bugs, minor bugs, and even spelling errors (Yes, we're all human here.)

GFX Artists:

These people are in charge of making logos, videos, and content for the server. This is what makes Limitless appealing and unique. This sounds unimportant, but is a big asset to the server as a whole. These artists will have their work made public to everyone and anyone who may pass through the forums.


Ever walk into a house and think, "Wow, this is nice!"? Well, you can thank the mappers for that! We like to have custom interiors, exteriors, and general aesthetics. These people are what make your IC world look great!

More updates to this list will come soon, but we hope this is detailed enough to get you motivated and interested. Stay tuned!


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