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Gang Rules/Gang Creation Rules

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Gang Rules/Gang Creation Rules

Post by JFK on Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:43 pm

Gang Rules

1. Civilians or Mafia, they are not allowed to attack civilians or Is Not mafia, Only Mafia or Gang Members.
If a Gang attacked a Mafia or other gang, the mafia and gang can do a Revenge.

2. Gangs, they can't use Army's weapons (Spas12, RPG, Granades, Sniper...). This is not the Irak war.

Weapons Allowed: Ak-47, Tec-9, Mp5, Deagle, Colts, Shotguns, Molotovs.
Weapons not Allowed: Rpg, Granades, M4, Sniper, C4.

3. Drivers can't shoot in a Drive by, that is not allowed, only Passegers can shoots.

4. Do not start a Gang war without Leader's permission.

5. Do not kill your team.

6. If someone come into somewhere you claim as your terrority or if they start attacking you first, you are allowed to kill him.

7. If you got killed in a gang attack, you can't come back again to the Gang attack.

You died, so you can't remember anything if you do then you are doing MG (Metagame). So don't try it. or get admin jail

8. Always roleplay and do not do PG (Powergame, unrealistic Roleplay)

9. Do not pull out a big gun like Ak-47, Mp5, Shotguns or any other big gun, without a good Roleplay.

Ex: /me opens the Car's trunk and takes out a AK-47. (That is a Good RP)

If you pull out a Ak-47 without a RP then you pulled it out from your ASS, and that is PG (PowerGaming). (Always RP it)

10. You can't attack two times a row in one hour, If your gang attacked other gang your gang need to wait atleast one hour to attack again.

11. Your gang can attack 4 times per day, and your gang is allowed to attack, only if the other gang have more than 3 gang members online. (Your gang want to attack Other gang, Your gang can attack them, if Other gang have more than 3 members online).

12. Do not heal during a fight or Shootout, if you're dying just run away and escape... (If you heal during a Fight or shootout that is PG)

 13 . DO NOT TOUCH COPS!! Don't kidnap them, don't kill them, don't shoot near them or you will get jail 1-2 hour by admin, give them respect and do what they tell you. Cooperate up to a certain point (use real game name when asked? You can't avoid metagaming), use lies to hide your true intentions like buying or selling illegal items, what gang you are in, etc.

Do not just kick members from the gang for no apparent reason
(Don't broke any Gang Rule or you will get demoted or jailed 1-2 hour)

Gang Creation Rules

if you want to make the gang you should have level 5 and above
You also need to have enough experience to be a leader
and the leader must also be able to guide their members to do the things to do and not do things that are prohibited

about gang hq

for hq You also have to choose a place that makes sense and does not interfere with the other places that have been used by other gangs or something else
and we will not give the facility gate to hq
(e.g exploiting of gates for an events like being in a police chase and then use the gate to avoid arrest from cops.)

if you want to have hq with custom interior / exterior you must donate

vehicles that are restricted to gangs

Category: Sport Vehicles
Category: Industrial
Category: Unique Vehicles
Category: Public Service

the vehicle is allowed to gangs

Category: Saloons
Category: Bikes - except  NRG-500

look ids/category form here :

Max slots gang vehicle : 5


there are no rules for choosing the skin but select skins suitable for gangs and do not use skins factions like LSPD, LSFMD, GOVERMEN or else

(if you do not follow this rule then your application maybe rejected


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